Are Vegans More Sensitive and Open to The Spiritual World?

A lot of my understanding about the spiritual world started thanks to TLC and Theresa Caputo’s TV show… Ironically, during the past 3 weekends of last month (March) I also ran into her husband Larry every time I went to Santa Monica beach! 🙂

Are we all connecting energetically as well? How is this possible?

Theresa has shown a lot to our generation. This realm of information has been around for forever (literally lol) , but now it seems more clear and easier to understand. She has also taught us to pay more attention to spiritual messages, and how spirit is able to communicate with us.

My aunt also wanted to add something to this blog post. She herself started learning about this stuff years ago after learning about the numerology of 11-11-11.

Do you find yourself look at the clock randomly at 11:11? What did it mean to you on that day?

My trip to Brazil

1. The 1st message came to me before my trip to Brazil

I was visiting Santa Monica one more time, and I was complaining about how long it had been since seeing family members. I missed my family and friends and was planning to buy a plane ticket.

It was Sunday… so I sent them this a text message to see how they were doing.

1) Let me share all of this because it’s funny!!! Mom called the second I parked the car here at the beach and opened my car’s door.

2) I rarely get to talk to them, so I figured I’d send them all a photo…

3) After walking for an hour I stopped and decided to take a photo to share… then when looking at the photo to see if the photo was good to send (Don’t we all do that?), I noticed the phone said 3:23pm, my birthday! And for some reason, this instantly made me think of my dad (who has passed onto the other side.)

Is he telling me to visit family as well? Ok, it had been 2 years… so let’s buy a ticket to Brazil! 😀

Spirit sending messages by coordinating events, time, and numbers that have meaning to you.
I believe my father was telling me: Ursula, take a photo, send it to them, and go visit your family in Brazil.

2. The 2nd message was another Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

So since my birthday was coming up this March 23rd, and I was already going to meet with friends in Las Vegas (will share this trip here as well), I also purchased my trip to Brazil to be for my mom’s birthday… this April 10th.

So here I was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…

Then guess what?

1)  On the day before my mom’s birthday, my boyfriend’s phone happened to get wet (his dry bag failed while kitesurfing in Puerto Rico lol.)

2) Because of this, he needed Uber to send a code to my cell phone, so he could grab an Uber from his laptop.

3) So as I got the text, I thought… What the heck is this? They texted me my mom’s birthday (twice!!!) Wowww!!! She’ll love this! 1953 is actually her birth year + the number 10, the day of her birthday as well.

Spirit communicating through text messages and number generators.
I believe our dad was messaging “Happy Birthday” to my mom by sending us her birthday year + her birthday day number as well.

We then took her to dinner and had some cake with family at home.

Isn’t this amazing?

Can spirits mess with technology and numbers generators? I think so!

Now… In many spiritual traditions, being vegetarian or vegan is an important part of the practice.

So are vegans more sensitive, energetically?

Are you more sensitive than other friends and family members?

I think many of us are… So let’s start paying attention, and let’s share our experiences!

Me, my sister, and my niece.
My younger sister Soraya, my niece Charlotte and myself, Ursula.

PLUS: It was actually the 1st time I planned and bought a ticket to Brazil for myself in 20 years (the past visits were only for weddings, lol.)

I hated how the community of vegans was almost ZERO before… I struggled so much, and even lost weight during every visit!

Fortunately in the past few years, the vegan culture in Brazil has been growing up quickly!

It’s the first time now as well, that family is cooking and serving me vegan food (the challenge I had in the 80s and 90s is explained in The Vegan Survival Guide). And as I mentioned about my trip to Las Vegas here as well, this year was the first time I got to travel with friends who understood veganism.

The vegan culture took years to arrive in Brazil!!! But they are now learning, and I’m also excited to publish The VSG in Portuguese!

And for those of you who are always on Facebook, the Brazilian vegan groups are also becoming very big! Here are some good ones below. 😉

Veganos Pobres Brasil | Troll Veganos |  Receitas Veganas | Ogros Veganos

Popular Facebook Groups Brazil
Some popular vegan Facebook groups in Brazil


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