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Los Angeles, CA


Caricatures Service in Orlando FL

Caricature artist ready to draw and entertain your guests!

Specialized in cute hand drawings that everyone will absolutely love.

Offering a quick and affordable service to ALL!

TV 2D Artist, 3D Animator of 1st animated TV shows, developer of bestselling game Call of Duty, bestselling dvd and book author, and more


Caricature Artist Los Angeles





Caricatures by Game Developer



Been working as a professional artist in the USA since 1997. So years of experience from animated cartoons and TV shows to 3D character animation and video-games, also and best-selling author. I will convert your special moments into beautiful and fun activities.

Will give your friends and family a personalized gift on a special day that everyone will LOVE!


Will perform live at your special events, weddings and parties by drawing the guests and creating caricatures that will bring fun and memory to all.


Each drawing takes less than 5 minutes, so you will see many per hour and at a totally affordable price. All done with all the care and quality you deserve. They will be a special gift at your special day.

SERVING: Los Angeles, CA, San Fernando Valley, Encino, Burbank, Northridge, West Hills, Beverly Hills, Canoga Park, etc

Weddings, Parties, Birthdays, Convention Center events and more!


Basic 2 hrs LIVE Caricature Drawing Package $250
3 hrs LIVE Caricature Drawing Package $335 ($40 OFF)
4 hrs LIVE Caricature Drawing Package $450 ($50 OFF)


How far in advance should I schedule?
2 weeks before

Do you need any specific space to offer the service?
Yes, a bright place with 2 or more chairs. Will bring aisle, paper and supplies.

How long is the service?
2 hours minimum or more.

How long does it take to get prepared?
Will arrive 10-15 minutes before.

Do you perform indoor or outdoors?

Receive by hour or by event?
By hour, pre-paid online easily.

If necessary, could you work overtime?
Yes and charge via paypal for the extra time requested.

How much is overtime?
$70 for every extra hour after 4 hours. Paid on the day of the event.

What are the forms of payment?
Payment are made on the week of the event, cash, paypal or by bank deposit.



Caricature Services Orlando FL Weddings and Parties


Caricature Drawing Services Orlando Florida

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Years of Experience!!!

From top video game animation, to bestselling author and designer!


In Game Cinematics Demo Reels and Game Trailers

[In Game Cinematics] Level Du-Hoc Character Animations:
[In Game Cinematics] COD2 Russian Level Animations:
How we made it (Making of COD2):
WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2009:
Turning Point:
Silent Hill Origins:
Call of Duty 2:
Call of Duty United Offensive:
Call of Duty Game of the Year 2003:



WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2009 (Spring 2009)
Martial Arts Mo-Cap clean up
Fighting Scene
MMA Techniques
Fighting Scene
Fighting Scene
Fighting Scene
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
Running scared animations
Panic animations
Grappling animations
Hanging behavior animations
Silent Hill: Origins
In Game Cinematics
Combat Animations
Combat Animations
In Game Cinematics: Riding the truck
Call of Duty 2
Animations of soldiers riding the tank
Sitting, looking around, jumping out, etc
Call of Duty Cover Story, PC Gamer April 2005
Many behaviors and sets of animations of soldiers operating the Flak 88
Flak 88 Animations
Flak 88 Animations
Many behaviors including breathing idles, crouching, vomiting, scared, running out, etc
Corner Behaviors
Call of Duty 1 (2003 Game of the Year)
Animation of wounded man
Cover Behaviors
Cover Behaviors
Flak 88 Animations
Flak 88 Attack Animations
Aim Idle Animations



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