Reiki Symbols and Hand Positions for Treating others
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Energy Healing is a gift we all have... :)

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I love energy healing... and Reiki (Usui and Karuna) is something I've been practicing for many years now. In fact Energy Healing is gift we all have, so I love teaching it to all my friends and watching them open up to a new perspective in health and healing.

Here are interactive charts I've designed for students as well as practitioners... since sometimes we need to remind ourselves of hand sequences ;). These are the basic Usui Reiki symbols below. After being attuned to each energy you can use these symbols to channel energy to a patient or loved one. To get started you can follow the traditional hand positions sequence below, or simply use your intuition and, without touching the patient's body, focus on the area that you feel needs it most. Enjoy!


Reiki Symbols for Treating others

What you do is draw a symbol with your hands, imagination or even your eyes as seen in the animation below, then channel that energy attached the the chosen symbol to a specific area in the patient's body... or you can channel the energy to a cause, space, future event or anything you'd like to meditate about and focus on.


Reiki Hand Positions for Treating others

I practice Cranio Sacral as well, and what's very interesting to me is how similar the hand positions are. The difference is, unlike in Reiki, in CranioSacral you touch the patient's body and you feel the CranioSacral pulse. Combining the knowledge from both therapies really improved my practice. Balacing the Left and Right sides of the brain, for example, is extremely healing and relaxing. So I love both of these gentle healing therapies. :)



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