The little butterfly. Life is precious now matter how big or small.
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The little butterfly. Life is precious no matter how big or small.

So why did you become vegan?

That's a question I see posted on many vegan blogs and websites. The answer is always very similar, for the love of the animals. Sometimes people may have food phobias as well. Or for example, someone might tolerate fish but not red meat, or just eggs and dairy but not meat or fish. Or they would eat meat from a supermarket but would never have the heart to kill a cow for its meat. People's choices vary greatly. I've even read things like, I'm vegan but I eat pizza ocasionally... well, then you are still a vegetarian, but with vegan tendencies! lol

[mom, me and older sister]

Love for the animals was indeed, without realizing, a main reason why I gravitated towards veganism. Since family tried tricking me and hiding pieces of meat, fish, and dairy in my food, so I must confess I also developed a food phobia. So unless I can identify every single ingredient on the plate, eating the food is not an option! And since mushrooms are chewy and sometimes look like pieces of meat when chopped, I even request "no mushrooms please" when eating out. I'm just funny like that, lol. :)

But hey, being a visual person and growing up in Brazil had many downsides. From witnessing chicken heads being cut off to cows getting killed and hanged upside down... you know what, I'll stop here, can't even think about it to write about it! geezzz

Moving on... this cute little story taught me how precious life really is. No matter how big or small the animal might be, even a little butterfly has a little soul! Here is the story:

The little butterfly in the Sun

While playing in the yard I noticed my sister and cousin kicking mud under a tree. I ran to see what was going on when I noticed a little butterfly trying to escape while they continously kicked and threw mud at her.

Photo of the pool where I guarded the lil butterfly

I immediately pushed the other kids back with both hands and said: Go away! Stop it! Then quickly grabbed the little butterfly and ran to the pool to give it a shower. We sat by the pool while I carefully watched and made sure no one would mess with her again, while allowing her wings to dry before she could fly again.

And so she did! She started moving her wings and setting herself free. What a fun and happy moment it was! Then as I got up to leave, I noticed the little butterfly following me. She kept following me around the yard that day and I felt a little scare. I screamed: Mom, mom, why is she following me around? Mom said:

— She is trying to say Thank You Ursula! She is saying Thank you to you! mom told me :)


The little butterfly taught me a big lesson!

In fact, have you heard some people say: Oh I don't eat meat, but fish or white meat is ok! Well, even the little fish has a soul as well. At the same time, animals eat other animals, and that's nature and natural also. I just don't vibe with the suffering us humans put the animals through, like the cruel stories I read on PETA's website for example - they are hard to understand.

Here is a final thought: Same cultures in India eat cow meat after that cow naturally died of age, then and only then, they eat it and use its flesh for leather.

There is enough suffering in the world right now. Let's be respectful and kind to all life. Big or small! wishing you love and happiness, Ursula :)


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