Are vegans less smart than non-vegans? Finding the "right" answers in life.
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Finding the "right" answers

Growing up in Brazil as a vegan meant no one knew what being a vegan was (including me, lol), so naturally family did not support my dietary choices. If you've read my book I describe how the school nurses punished me daily for not finishing my lunch, and family constantly punished me at home as well for not wanting to eat meat.

The truth is, I had no support from family...

As a vegan my mom kept telling me I would die if not eating meats. As a matter of fact, every birthday was scary and I truly believed I had only a few years left. I remember even wondering, how come I'm now 15 and still alive? LOL, that's true!

But here is an amazing true story below. A story that truly changed my perspective on things, and inspired me, and helped me see the light at the end of tunnel... I realized that the truth is... you don't have to eat meat to be smarter or healthier or stronger or whatever you wish to be. For someone who was constantly punished and felt life would soon be over, being ranked #1 in my high school, was confusing and not at all logical as well. How could that be I thought? I don't even eat meats.

The Multiple Choice Test

Back in high-school in Brazil, our chemistry teacher challenged the entire school. She said: If anyone gets 100% on the multiple-choice test tomorrow I will give the entire school an A on their test as well! So next day we received the test and I remember carefully answering each question but having trouble with one of them. I didn't believe that the correct answer was even listed, so I wrote and circled my own answer on the test's paper.

The following day the teacher came back with the results... but first, she apologized after realizing that one question was missing the correct answer. Plus to her surprise, someone had pointed out the correct missing answer and had answered all other questions correctly as well. So as she promised, the whole entire school got an A on their test!

When the teacher announced my name my friends jumped in joy and thanked me for helping them with their grades. What an unforgettable day that was! So are vegans less smart than non-vegans? Well, I don't think so, lol. ;)


Thanks to my friends!

They lifted my energy up and sang to me on that day...

A Ursula é um boa companheeeiraaaa. Ninguém pode negar. Ninguém pode negar...!

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As a vegan, this multiple test story made me realize a great analogy. That just because the majority of people choose to be a omnivore (someone who eats animals and plants), it does not mean that this is the correct answer also. In fact the truth many times can be hidden or hard to find, as there is no "correct answer" and we are all unique. In life it is important to have clarity, follow your heart (but take your brain with you as well) and make your own choices without being influenced by others. A diet that works for me might not work for you, and vice-versa. Just as a diet that works for a body builder does not work for a computer based professional, and so on, hence the concept on my book, food for function.

So especially when it comes to health and being a vegan, metaphorically, the professor may be the food industry, the students the large majority opting for answers given to them, and myself someone who respects my conscience and therefore searched for the missing answer.

Vegan for over 40 years, Brazil

Since then I always question things, from GMO and food labels to life choices. Finding the right answers in life might take some work sometimes... but I encourage you to find your own as well.

wishing you health and success, Ursula :)


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